How long do the carpets take to dry after cleaning?

Our dry times vary from 5-7 hours.

Can we walk on the carpets after they are cleaned?

Yes! Just no shoes for 24 hours,just socks or bare feet.

Do you move furniture?

We do not move beds and/or heavy items. We will however move "light furniture". The furniture that we do move will be put back in place and protected with plastic tabs and styrofoam blocks.

Are your cleaning products safe for the environment?

Yes, our cleaning products are environmentally friendly. We do not use harsh chemicals.

What type of equipment is used for your carpet cleaning?

We use truck mounted equipment, The JCB System, which is the # 1 van powered carpet cleaning machine in the industry.

What is your process?

This is hot water extraction from a truck mounted unit. We spray a mild detergent down on the carpet. This helps break down the soils and dirt. Next we agitate the carpet with a CRB(counter rotating brush). Then we bring in our hoses and hook them up to a carpet push wand and extract with hot water leaving the carpet just slightly damp to the touch.